Case Study: Digital Checklists in Manufacturing

70% of change management systems fail. See what makes this one different.

In September of 2015, Check-6 began working with a large client with over 50 manufacturing plants worldwide. In 2014 this company undertook a Lean transformation program across all of their plants which was designed to reduce waste and improve quality across the company. Recognizing the reality that approximately 70% of all change management systems fail or at a minimum are not sustained post-implementation, company leaders engaged Check-6 to help implement a closed-loop management system that focused on defining clear leadership actions that would drive procedural discipline, team behaviors, and ultimately create a culture that would sustain the gains made from their Lean initiative.

MANUFACTURING_CASE_STUDY.pngRead the full case study to see how Check-6's Checklist Ops with RIGOR helped this client to recognize substantial value in the following four areas:

  • Verifiable Compliance: Increased Accountability, Identified Deviations, and Improved Quality
  • Process Reliability: Done right, the first time, every time
  • Operational Feedback: Eliminated Waste
  • Best Practice Capture: Coaching at the shop floor level