Case Study: Digital Checklists in Transportation

Transforming operations in rail

Digital Checklists in Transportaion

TRANSPORTATION_RAIL_CASESTUDY.pngCheck-6 was brought in to drive systemic changes in behaviors and culture in order to dramatically improve safety operations through Digital Checklists at one of the country's largest railways.


Download this case study to learn how Check-6 bridged that gap  between aircraft and locamotive safety. You will find that the similiarities between the two are remarkable.


“This feels like we are on the verge of fundamentally changing the way we operate trains around the country. And, it’s all starting in this room. This is exciting and I’m excited to be a part of this. We will look back at this year from now and remember it all started here.”

-Railroad Engineer & BAPP Facilitator

"This will drive communication and teamwork between conductors and engineers."

-Railroad Conductor and Engineer

"This is the future and it is going to be great. When we get the links to checklist on stuff we don't do very often tagged to the checklist step."

-Railroad Conductor